they were spaceships.


I’m the daddy. The strong one. The safe place. I’m the one you run to when scared, the one you come to with your problems, the one who shelters you just enough to let you explore life without getting beaten down by the general douchebaggery of reality as it can be…

I’m your source of comfort and safety, and I’m your provider of love and pleasure. It is me you crawl to when you are horny. It is me you think of when your private parts start to twitch.

I’m also your source of structure. You don’t need a lot, but sometimes you benefit from some lines drawn in the sand, some rules, some rigidity in your life. Someone to help enforce the you that you really want to be, but can’t quite be on your own… It is me you confess your transgressions to, and my disappointment in you hurts you more than the punishment I have to administer.

I am the mountain, and you come to me for what I give you, little one, for what I provide, for everything I am to you.

But there’s a secret.

Daddy needs you just as much. 

Sometimes when I hold you, when I cuddle you, it’s not for your comfort… it’s for mine. When I’m stressed, when I’m overworked, when I’m frustrated, when I’m tired… you are my escape. You are my inspiration. My reason to go on.

You asked me once if it bothered you that you were clingy… the answer is simple; cling to me, my little nibblet. Daddy needs to be needed.

i teared up

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